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Customization of cigarette pack equipment


According to customer requirements, our company can make technology renovation for the shape and
specifications of packing machines such as GDX1、GDX2、6000 type、3000 type, etc. We also reserves the
complete technical of all the renovation.

The substance of packet specification renovation:

The replacement of equipment mainly wheel's assembly, specialized components、parts and some basic
The packet specification renovation project mainly includes: main and auxiliary part of packing machine and
electrical parts.
The renovation content of main part includes: the cigarette library, 1-8 packing round, aluminized paper
conveying, inner paper conveying, label paper conveying.
The renovation content of auxiliary part includes: small transparent paper packaging, carton packaging,
carton transparent paper packaging.
The renovation content of electrical part includes: the position adjustment of some sensors and the renovation
of some installation components.

These renovation is only applicable to general cases, the specific content should be based on the modified
equipment situation and the specification of the renovation.

Can be changed in cigarette specification and quantity:

The user after packet specification renovation:

Our company has developed various cigarette packet renovation project, which belongs to our
company's mature products. We have modified scores of projects both at home and abroad and gained the
user's high praise. Our company will provide you with the best design scheme whether it is changed from
packet shape, cigarette specifications, or any arrangement and so on.

Customized machinery:

From parts design, product organization, site installation and debugging to the final delivery.

Total: two months to five months.

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